The #LashWithLove Movement

Hello my name is Nina and I have anxiety (crowd mumbles “Hello Nina”) and while lashing is my passion and I’m known for helping to teach the next generation of Australian lash artists how to get by in this turbulent and confusing world of volumetric calculations and advanced layering styling methods. Anxiety has always played a starring role in my progression.
The main reason was the amount of negativity I came across in the forums. Someone would work themselves to the bone to create a set they were excited to share with their peers, post it in forums asking for constructive criticism on how they can take their lashing to the next level and improve, only to get shot down in a violent and soul-destroying way. Major anxiety trigger.
This continued to the point that I noticed only the best of the best were posting their pictures anymore, giving beginners an unrealistic expectation of how far along they should be in their craft by measuring their year 2 against someone else’s year 10.
It was amidst this miasma of broken hearts and defeatist newbie techs stating it was time to “throw it all in”, I noticed a little blip that was perfect for me. This is how the #LashWithLove movement began. As gentle assistance and words of encouragement from veterans of the game, those who had seen the battleground of 0.20mm and the damage it left behind to our tattered reputations, and who were working to grow the industry into a higher state of elevation with safety via educating and supporting those who requested the assistance.
#LashWithLove became my battle cry to those who needed to know it takes time to become the consummate artists you see in many salons. But this then spread to not only being gentle and loving to each other, but also to ourselves. How to use this knowledge to better our own salons.
Learning to love and gift an incredible and worthy experience for your clients, leading with love and educating them to the best of your ability, making the salon experience a sacred ritual where you can go to relax, safely chat with your girlfriends and have a giggle. Not only leaving the salon with a bomb set of lashes but also leaving the salon feeling lighter, acknowledged and heard by another human being.

The lash with love movement spread to the entire industry, seeing each other as collaborators and support, not the tearing down of yesteryear.

The #LashWIthLove movement became more than just being polite on social media and helping newbie techs, it became working arm in arm with our sisters, realising there is enough business out there for everyone, and that if we all bloom in our own unique way there would be little overlap anyway as we are all targeting different demographics. It became about making sure every client had the most amazing experience within your walls, that they left walking straigher and told all their friends, not just for the lashes, but because they felt a true connection- lashes almost became an afterthought.
This my friends is how you grow an empire and show the world what you are made of. By how you treat your peers, strangers and clients. So now I encourage you to tag me @lashesonpointsalon and use the #LashWithLove to show me how you are making the experience special for your clients, how you are providing the love and support you missed, to raise up this industry of ours out of the murky depths of bitter keyboard warriors into the light of embracing that this service is not just plastic and adhesive, it’s a feeling, and when its done right its worth very penny and all the hours we put into our craft.

How can you improve this experience for each and every one of your clients? How can you treat your peers with love and respect? How can you help this next generation to not repeat the mistakes of our past? I’m in this for the long haul, and I’ll continue to spread my message of love and respect beyond just applying lashes.