After years in the industry I was finding a lot of irregularities in products. Differing curl levels, inconsistent length cuts for lashes, and discrepancies in laser cut methods for lash trays. I was also finding my tweezers were sometimes amazing, other times a waste of my hard earned coin.

After years of frustration I decided to create my own line of PROFESSIONAL lash products.

Over the decade I’ve been lashing I have been able to design and create Russian Volume lash trays which are consistent, reliable, fan perfectly. This has not only sped me up as a lash artist but also perfected my sets to a level I have not seen before.

Next was the perfect tweezer, long and balanced this was difficult to find, now my “Go To Gal” is my best seller and helping lash artists all over the world to create stunning looks and happy clients.

At the end of the day you are marked on your retention rates and giving the client the effect they want. If quality and integrity is what you are after in your professional lash products then Lashes On Point will provide exactly that.

For professional use only. Express Post for all my Aussie babes.

Experience the Difference…

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