Coming soon: #LashWithLove Podcast

Hi Lash Lovers!
Nina here from Lashes On Point Salon & Academy in Melbourne Australia.
If you have looked at the forums lately you will see a lot of cattiness and petty behaviour which doesn't have to happen. Clients can tell if you are like this, and they will shy away.On this podcast I hope to share from my 10yrs of lash experience as an artist, educator, speaker at lash events and Industry Leader, all the positivity and love I can and how it relates to us as artists.
How to reshape the way you react to situations so we come from love not fear. Along with heaps of amazing free lash tips for you 🙂

So join me as I start the change I want to see in this industry of amazing professionals! Lets #LashWithLove and provide our clientele with not only amazing lashes, but an experience to rave about.

Hope to see you there!
Nina Andrews xx